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1966 Ferrari 275 Competizion

* Chassis #08457
* Chassis Type 590
* Engine #08457
* Engine Type: 4 bolt main competition type with hot 130

cams (10 mm lift) cams.
* Jess Pourret refers to it in his book as a "275 Berlinetta

Competizione Clienti"

* Featured & Pictured in the 1967 Ferrari Yearbook, racing
at the Nurburgring 1000 KMS. And there is a photo
of 08457 on pg. 106 at the ADAC 1000 KM 1967 # 91

* This 275 GT'C' (believed to be 1 of only 2 built) was
delivered from the Ferrari Factory with a 4 bolt main
engine (side and rear), which is a competition configuration
used on The Ferrari P4 and 512 S and M. Ferrari built
these engines so that they could be wound up to near
10,000 rpm without worrying and the crank breaking

* It also has the hot 130 cams (10mm lift) were developed
for the 290 MM, then they were used in all the two cam
V 12 250 and 275 comp Ferraris for the next ten years.
The full number on them is 130 17229 and 130 17230.
These were used in the 250 TRs, 250 SWB comp, GTO,
275 GTB/C and 275 LM

* Car has a modern racing fuel cell & fire bottle installed,
as well as a roll cage and a racing radiator

* Current Mechanical Condition (06/08): as per the race
and restoration shop that has been maintaining the car
for the last four years:

The transaxle (Gearbox) has less than 20 miles on it since
a full rebuild

The Engine was fully rebuilt in 2005 and has less than
300 miles on it

Compression & leak downs were done 8/07. All compression
was 180-185 (excellent) and the leak down was less than
6% across all cylinders (anything under 10% is fantastic)

Ownership & Racing Provenance:

1966 Ferrari 275 GTC #08457 'Client Competizione'.
Not a "GTB/C", but a one-off client competition 2cam
long nose, steel body. It did a least the following races:

* 1966 Nurburgring ADAC 1000K, 1st Class (+2000 Grand
Touring)/25th OA, Helmut Felder and Frank E. Kalkuhl,
race # 98 (June 5)

* 1967 Nurburgring ADAC 1000 K, DNF (Blown tire in 13th
lap. The car was running 2nd in class GT+3 at the time),
Helmut Gelder/Gunther Lohstrater (28 May) race # 91.
Alexis Callier has two action photos, (one in color) from
this race

1966, Pictured in the Ferrari Yearbook on Bolzano plates
BZ 83390, page 62

* Believed that the car was raced by Helmut Felder and
Felder's team drivers: Gunther Lohstrater,
Hans Georg Plaut and Frank E. Kalkuhl in other races
other races in '66 and '67

* The Steering wheel is inscribed with "Dem lieben Freund
Helmut Felder" (English: "To Dear Friend Helmut Felder")

Ownership Provenance:

* 1966, 23 April, Certificate of origin issued

* 1966, 30 April, first sold to and registered to Ugo Ravizza,
Milano, Italy, MI B31803

* 1966, 11 May, sold to Antonio Flecker of Bolzano, Italy
(Italian Registration: #BZ-83390. Paid 4,200,000 lire.)

* 1966, 13 May, then re-registered for road use on Italian
plates BZ 83390

* Sold to Helmut Felder, race car sponsor and somtimes
driver, who was a wealthy industrialist in Remscheid-
Lennep. Felder's company, Weissberg Inc, manufactured
machine tools

* 1966, 5 June, at the Nurburgring ADAC 1000 K, driven by
Helmut Felder and F. Kalkuhl, race # 98, 25th O.A. Alexis
Callier has a black and white photo taken at the start

* 1966, 27 July, "officially" exported from Italy by
Mr. Antonio Flecker of Bolzano, Italy

* 1966, Pictured in the Ferrari Yearbook on Bolzanoo
plates BZ 83390, page 62

* 1967, 28 May, at the Nurburgring ADAC 1000K, driven
by Helmut Felder and G. Lohstrater, race # 91.
DNFed. 13th lap. Alexis Callier has two action photos,
(one in color) from this race.

* 1968, to the USA. With a wealthy family of attorneys based
in L.A. With one owner from 1968 to November 1989, after
sitting outside in Palos Verdes for 20 plus years.

* 1989, Nov., Sold to Gary Thieltges. Paid about $600,000

* 1990 FOC roster listed by Gary Theltges, Los Angeles, CA.

... Sold to Richard Millman (Millman vintage raced the car
in Europe)

... Then to Peter Le Saffre

... 2004, Nov., Sold to Bill Cotter (WA) who successfully
campaigned the car in the Ferrari North America

... January 2008. Sold to a European client.

... Sold to Mark Ketcham
(Ketcham Imports)